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Refurbishing a commercial kitchen

The Heart of the business

The commercial kitchen stands at the heart of any business concerned with the preparation of food and as such is a vital element in the success or failure of the enterprise. A well designed restaurant kitchen is not just a place where food can be safely and efficiently prepared; it is also sets the tempo of the work which is done there and impacts positively on the mood of the employees and also the overall quality of the product.

Restaurant kitchens then are the power houses of any catering enterprise and they are also dynamic, changing as the business changes. Sometimes this change may involve a complete redesign. More often it will be a matter of refurbishment, as the kitchen changes to meet new demands and requirements. For example new equipment is installed to replace worn out items or because increasing trade means that larger equipment is necessary. Fitting the newer and larger equipment entails a rearrangement of other items; how is this to be done without disrupting the traffic through-flow? A badly thought-out refurbishment could create a potentially hazardous choke point, which would impair the efficiency of the whole kitchen and perhaps have implications in the ever changing and developing field of health and safety legislation.

Plan ahead

If the simple replacement of one piece of equipment for a newer and larger piece of equipment can have so many potential ramifications, then it can be appreciated that a larger refurbishment of a commercial is a considerable enterprise that demands careful forethought and planning. The kitchen proprietor would be well advised to retain the services of a company which specialises in the design and refurbishment of commercial kitchens. Such experts in the field will take into account all the potential outcomes of a refurbishment and will spot potentially costly mistakes before they are made. Most companies of this type employ specially designed software that allows the customer to ‘walk through’ a new kitchen well in advance of any actual physical change.

.The ever-changing field of health and safety legislation and enforcement is also something that the sensible proprietor of any catering business has to constantly keep in mind. It may, indeed, be the root cause of certain refurbishments. It is a sad fact that even when a kitchen is well designed and maintained, with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, if it looks ‘out of date’ then it will be more likely to attract the attention of the Environmental Health Officer.

Challenge and opportunity

It can be seen, then, that refurbishing a commercial kitchen is a considerable undertaking and the proprietor of such a kitchen will have a challenge on his or her hands. Like most challenges, however, it is also an opportunity and the reward which comes from a carefully planned and well executed restaurant kitchen refurbishment will be a more efficient kitchen better suited to the business’s requirements and also more likely to be a good working environment, and one which will satisfy even the most stringent requirements of health and safety legislation.

posted on 12 December, 2014
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