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The ten benefits of an efficient kitchen in a Care Home

care home kitchenIt is a standard requirement for any Care Home in the UK that it provides a nutritious and varied diet for its residents. Thee meals will naturally be produced in the care home kitchen. This kitchen, one of the most important rooms in the establishment, will function at its best if it has been properly planned.

  1. A well designed kitchen is an efficient food making facility. The residents get their food on time and in prime condition. This is the principal function of any kitchen and it stands to reason that an efficient example will excel in its basic specified job.
  2. An efficient kitchen runs smoothly giving the cook or cooks more time to concentrate on the food preparation with the result that the residents receive meals that are tasty as well as nutritious.
  3. An efficient kitchen is a hygienic kitchen because it has been designed or refurbished with safe food handling processes in mind. This is a vital matter because the safety of a care home’s residents is of the first importance. Most of the residents will be elderly and thus more susceptible to bacterial infections; the care home must take all possible measures to keep its customers safe from harm. An efficient kitchen makes this vital task easier to accomplish. Also:
  4. An efficient kitchen has been designed to store food safely.
  5. An efficient kitchen is flexible. Snacks or special effects meals can be produced easily and safely. Again this can be an important matter in the care of residents with such conditions as diabetes or others which entail special dietary requirements.
  6. An efficient kitchen is a cost effective one, bringing long term savings in money and time to any concern. An efficient kitchen will also have been designed with energy saving measures in mind.
  7. An efficient kitchen is compliant with all health and safety regulations. Care homes are quite rightly, subject to extensive oversight especially in matters that might impinge on the safety of its customers. An efficient kitchen will have been designed with all compliance issues in mind and will thus be able to survive the scrutiny of even the most exacting of Health Inspectors.
  8. An efficient kitchen is a safe place in which to work. This is important as the proprietors of a care home have a duty of care for their employees as well as towards their customers. One of the features that is always of great concern to professional kitchen designers is user safety.
  9. An efficient kitchen is a pleasant working environment. The smooth and orderly running of a well-designed kitchen reduces stress levels among staff to a minimum and it is proverbially true that happy staff work more effectively.
  10. An efficient kitchen is one that can expand its output to match future increases in demand. Professional commercial kitchen designers can factor in such considerations into their current plans, making allowance for a care home’s future expansion.

posted on 10 February, 2015
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