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Designing a commercial kitchen
  • Designing a commercial kitchen

Designing a commercial kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any establishment that offers food as part of its standard operating process. This is most obviously the case in businesses that have catering as their sole function, concerns such as restaurants and cafés are the best examples of these sorts of businesses but hotels also often stand or fall by the quality of the food which they prepare and offer. Indeed hotels bring us to the other sorts of businesses which, to a degree, rely on the quality of catering which provide: these are the establishments that are residential or semi-residential in nature, examples being hospitals, care homes and schools. Any or all of these concerns would benefit from designing a kitchen in a commercial establishment.

Restaurant design

The advantages of a design for a kitchen in a restaurant should be obvious enough to anyone with any experience of preparing food as a business but they are worth rehearsing all the same. A kitchen that has been professionally designed is simply more efficient than one which has grown in an uncontrolled fashion. A designed kitchen makes food preparation easier and safer. A designed kitchen is compliant with all the relevant health and safety regulations and its owners need never worry about the unexpected arrival of an inspector. I is also true that a designed kitchen is more likely to produce a high quality food product since the cook will be able to devote his or her time to the food rather than focusing on the problems which kitchen design solve.

Care Homes

If these positive effects are obvious when the matter of a design for a commercial kitchen is considered then they apply equally to the field of residential and semi-residential establishments of the type that were mentioned earlier in this article. Indeed the advantages are perhaps even more pronounced for care homes and schools in the all-important field of regulation compliance. A care home is obliged not only to provide healthy and nutritious food for its residents but also has to be ready to supply a snack at very short notice; a customer’s health could depend on this ability and it is one that can be more performed by an efficient kitchen which has benefited from the work of a professional commercial kitchen designer.


What is true for such businesses as care homes is also true for schools. The challenge of providing healthy and nutritional food which is also palatable to an exacting clientele is one that might daunt even the hardiest of cooks. This is quite enough for the chef to have to bear in mind and a professionally designed kitchen will make it unnecessary for him or her to waste time on the intricacies of compliance. This is especially important when the present level of perfectly justified public interest in the matter of school catering is taken into account. The work done by certain celebrity chefs in raising public interest has combined with a wider general concern for matters of nutrition to make the job of the school kitchen manager more important than ever. A professionally designed kitchen will help such a manager to consistently achieve his or her objectives.

posted on 10 March, 2015
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