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The design of a kitchen restaurant

A properly designed kitchen sits at the heart of any successful restaurant. Efficiency in design not only facilitates the rapid production of food, thus going part of the way towards achieving customer satisfaction, but also frees up the staff from purely practical problems thus making it possible for them to focus their efforts on the quality of the dishes which they are preparing; this could be said to constitute the other half of customer satisfaction. Any visitor to a restaurant who receives dishes of high quality without an excessive waiting period is liable to be very satisfied, and so more likely to become a regular at the restaurant in question. He or she is also likely to recommend the establishment to his or her friends, and there is no better form of advertising than word of mouth.

Too close to the problem

It can be seen, then, that the design of a kitchen restaurant is an important factor and one which any ambitious business proprietor in the catering field will find worthy of serious thought. The problem is that the busy proprietor may not be in the best position to see what will ultimately benefit the business and lead toward the best results. He or she is often too involved in the basic essential nuts and bolts running of the business to see the problem as a whole. As an example of this we might consider the matter of the provision of commercial equipment for catering and the problems which the installation of such equipment might cause to the ergonomic efficiency of the food production area.

The busy proprietor is likely to purchase new equipment on a like-for-like basis, with the proviso that the new product is better than the one which it will replace, and also tend to place the new item in the same area of floor space as its predecessor. This seems reasonable enough when considered superficially, but in fact it could be the cause of many problems, which range from irritants to serious health and safety hazards. The new equipment, be it a new oven, a new refrigerator, a new ventilator or whatever may be larger than the item it has replaced and thus project into important thoroughfares, impeding the free passage of ingredients, partly finished dishes or even finished dishes. It might even cause a traffic choke point, which is also likely to become a potential accident hazard point. The new equipment might have different electrical or ventilation requirements and thoughtless positioning could cause inadvertent but potentially disastrous failures to comply with all important health and safety protocols.

Finding the solution

For this reason the sensible proprietor should consider employing the services of a commercial restaurant design company, one which understands such matters and which is familiar and up to date with the minefield of health and safety regulations. Such a company, being at a remove from the hurly-burly of the daily round of business will be able to come up with a variety of potential designs which will circumvent any problems. Indeed it will help the proprietor to avoid these problems in the first place.

posted on 08 April, 2015
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