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The tools of the trade
  • The tools of the trade

The tools of the trade

The human element

When the field of commercial catering is considered it is often tempting to concentrate on what might be termed as the “human element”. The consumer tends to associate the food that he or she is purchasing with the person or the people who have prepared it. Confirmation of this tendency can be found by simply studying the profusion of television programmes about cookery. In such programmes the emphasis is almost exclusively on the chef and the same is true in other mediums; cook books by celebrities are popular products and famous chefs supply magazine articles, newspaper columns and blogs concentrating on their recipes and cooking techniques. The equipment which these famous chefs use in the manufacture of their product is for the most part almost completely ignored.

Those with a more professional interest in the matter will acknowledge that catering equipment in the commercial industry is in fact a subject of the first importance, and such professionally savvy people will also be prepared to go to great lengths to ensure that they have the best possible items of equipment in their kitchens and other food preparation areas. A moment of consideration will show that this point is self-evidently obvious. A properly functioning kitchen requires equipment that is reliable and well designed. Without such well selected equipment even the most talented of chefs will struggle to produce food that is of high quality within a time frame that customers will find tolerable. Put simply, any catering business must have the proper equipment if it is to function at all.

Finding expert assistance

It seems obvious then that any successful business concerned with the production of prepared and cooked foods will be one that takes care only to acquire equipment of the proper standard. From this statement follows the question of where such equipment is to be found. It is perhaps possible to equip a commercial kitchen on an ad-hoc basis, purchasing different items from different outlets, but such an approach would make heavy demands on the proprietor of that business, and this is a business in which time is, to coin a phrase, at a premium. There is the possibility that such a p[proprietor will not wish to spend so much time concerned with these matters when he or she is deeply involved in the practical affairs of actually running a business, affairs which will naturally take up a great deal of time in themselves.

The logical way of avoiding this problem while ensuring that equipment of the correct standard is purchased for a kitchen’s use, is for the business to avail itself of the services of a company which specializes in the supply of such kitchen. A considerable saving in time is accrued if this relationship is developed to the point where the business can anticipate the needs and also the preferences of their customers. If the company also offers a commercial kitchen design service then any matters arising from the suitability of the equipment related to its size, its power requirements, or its compliance with the relevant health and safety legislation can also be avoided.]
posted on 11 August, 2015
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