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Commercial Kitchen Flooring
  • Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

It is important to ensure that your commercial kitchen floor is constructed so that it is strong enough and impervious so it is resistant to wet substances penetrating the surface in any way. It also needs to have correct resin material so it does not harbour dirt or mould making it a health safety risk.

It is also essential that floors can be cleaned properly and thoroughly so that they do not absorb water, grease or any other food substances. For health & safety it is important that the floors have a non-slip surface.

In order to meet these requirements it is best that your kitchen floor uses one or the following surfaces:-

Ceramic tiles with a resin based floor material for grouting

Stainless steel and non slip

Quarry tiles with impervious sealer

Polyvinyl sheet or tiles with heat welded joints

Steel trowel case hardened concrete with a resin based seal.

The surface of any commercial kitchen floor should really be concrete and graded to floor drainage outlets to stop any water pools gathering. Any drainage outlets should be situated next to water supply points such as sinks, basins and dishwashers.

Finally ensure floor finishes at junction drainage outlets are given the most care and attention to stop any build up of grease and dirt and maintain proper waterproofing.

posted on 06 June, 2013
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