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Commercial Kitchen Refurbishment
  • Commercial Kitchen Refurbishment

Commercial Kitchen Refurbishment

Commercial Kitchens

If you are considering refurbishing a commercial kitchen then you will already have realised that it is a very different proposition from renovating a kitchen in a house or a flat. Such residential kitchens are designed for the use of a small number of people (perhaps only one person) and have a comparatively limited capacity for producing food. They are also residential areas, places where people relax, socialize and perhaps eat. They will also be designed with an eye on their appearance, so the householder can show off his or her kitchen to his or her friends.

A commercial kitchen is very different. It is a place of work. It has a large capacity and is designed to be used safely and efficiently by catering professionals, such as cooks, waiters and management staff. A good commercial kitchen is the heart of any enterprise that sells prepared food and getting the design right is vital to the business’s success.Commercial kitchens are not always situated in catering businesses though. In fact there are many similarities between kitchens for restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs etc. and kitchens for schools. A school kitchen has high capacity and is worked in by catering professionals.If you are planning a commercial kitchen refurbishment or renovation then it could well be worth your while to find a specialist in commercial kitchen supply and design. Such an expert could help you in many ways with your project.

Specialist Help

A specialist company would help you with the all-important design of your refurbished kitchen, but there are steps which you can carry out before they are brought on board. For starters decided on your design budget and then stick to it. Study the patterns of work in your kitchen and decide on how it would best flow in your new kitchen. The aim is to create a place of work that is well-organized so your staff can use it in the most efficient manner. Decide on the location of each of the areas and then envision how food will be moved from one area to another. Make a note of potential bottle-necks and squeeze points. Your specialist firm probably has access to software that will enable them to create a virtual kitchen that you can walk through and this will help avoid problems.

Your specialist company will also be the people to talk to when it comes time to consider the vitally important matters of lighting, ventilation and equipment. As it important for you to get this job right first time then it’s wise to shop around; get written proposals from a few commercial kitchen specialists and go with the one that best suits you.

Equipment and Health and Safety

When it comes to re-equipping with commercial kitchen equipment then go into just as much detail as you did with the design and again compare and contrast the equipment on offer before making a choice.As you are refurbishing a kitchen then you will already have guidelines for food safety and handling and health and safety for your employees. See these are updated to suit your new kitchen and make sure you comply in all areas.

posted on 02 August, 2013
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