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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation
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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

About Kitchen Ventilation

Ventilation is one feature which the owner of a commercial kitchen absolutely has to get correct first time. Without an effective and well installed ventilation system a commercial kitchen cannot operate. It is one of the many instances in which it is well worth the owners’ while to retain the services of a specialist in commercial kitchen supply and design. These expert firms will be able to advise the owner of the business on what commercial kitchen equipment is needed to achieve effective ventilation. They will also give advice on a variety of other subjects which impinge on the matter of commercial kitchen ventilation.

The sensible kitchen proprietor will also maintain close contact with the relevant sections of his or her local authority. They will be able to give especially valuable advice on the all important subject of compliance. It is, after all, the local authority who can force the owner to make changes in his or her ventilation system, if that system does not comply with Health and Safety regulations.

One of the first things a professional company of kitchen designers will determine is the type of fuel that the establishment uses, as this will influence the type of ventilation system that should be installed. They will also give advice on how combustion by-products can be safely removed.

The specialist consultants will definitely advise the owner on the subject of grease filters, and perhaps direct him or her towards Cyclone cartridge filters, which are more than twice as efficient as traditional mesh and baffle filters. If the specialists are also suppliers of kitchen equipment then they will be able to also advise on where the filters can best be purchased.

They will also advise the owner on the subjects of fan power and fan noise production and also fan accessibility for cleaning. The owner knows his kitchens, no doubt, but he is not an expert and a mistake at this point could be costly. He might not remember the advantages of installing a speed controller to reduce energy consumption and thus incur unnecessary costs; the specialist contractors will not forget this. They will also not forget to give their customer advice on the subject of duct work. It might seem obvious that duct runs should be minimized wherever possible, to facilitate easier cleaning, and that inspection and access facilities into the runs should be provided. The customer, however, will have a great deal on his or her mind just running the business. It is easy to make a mistake which costs time and money.

Specialist companies, used to working on kitchens for restaurants and kitchens for schools and other concerns, will also be able to advise the customer about ventilation outlets, odour control filters, the adequate fitting of air supply vents and the installation of a Gas Safety Ventilation Interlock system, a vital safety feature for all types of gas catering equipment.

Ventilation systems are vital to a commercial kitchen. It worth bringing in expert consultants to make sure that it is got right.

posted on 04 October, 2013
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