Industrial Kitchens

Caterplan specialise in the design, supply and installation of industrial kitchens for many sectors including Schools and Colleges, some of which are local council, Academies or Independent Schools. Other sectors include the hospitality industry and corporate events catering and large-scale production kitchens.

Industrial kitchens tend to differ from smaller commercial kitchens and cater for larger volume and production on a much larger scale. This scale of production means that the footprint of the kitchen will inevitably be much larger and include different types of industrial and commercial catering equipment to cope with the required output.

Examples of some of the industrial equipment required to facilitate this style of kitchen are:

  • Walk in Chiller & Freezer Rooms
  • Temperature controlled preparation rooms
  • Roll in Blast Chillers
  • Roll in Combination Ovens
  • Bratt Pans & Boiling Pans
  • Rack conveyor dishwashers

As well as the correct equipment, it is as crucial as ever to that these industrial catering facilities are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and the correct workflow. The specific zones and work areas within these kitchens need to flow correctly without any crossover or risk of contamination. Unlike a smaller commercial environment these work zones will be larger and have suitably qualified personnel specific to the tasks within that area of the kitchen.


Industrial kitchen walls would still tend be cladded in stainless steel within the cooking areas and with upvc white rock everywhere else but may also have heavy-duty stainless-steel corner protection. Floors would be constructed with a heavier duty safety vinyl flooring or resin finish and may incorporate heavy duty wash down floor gullies.


Caterplan have all the necessary experience and skills to design and install your kitchen facility to the required standards. Please call us today and let us take care of your project from design to completion.

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