Commercial kitchens come in many different forms and varying shapes and sizes. Whether it is a Restaurant Kitchen, Pub Kitchen, Care Home Kitchen, School Kitchen, Hotel Kitchen or large Production Kitchen, they all have their differences and similarities. Apart from the obvious differences in size and catering equipment specification to suit the specific style of cooking or volume of catering, they should all adhere to certain standards and certain specifications that are regarded as being safe for food preparation and production. Some of the similarities and general specifications that should be considered as follows:

  • CE Approved Catering Equipment.
  • Stainless Steel prep benches, sinks and shelves. (304 Grade)
  • Separate food prep sinks; wash up sinks, and hand wash basins.
  • Separate prep areas for raw meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Suitable Kitchen Ventilation System.
  • Hygienic wall coverings such as Upvc white rock or stainless steel.
  • Non slip safety flooring such as Vinyl or Resin.
  • Pest control such as fly killers.
  • Grease trap or Bio enzyme unit for drain maintenance