This question gets asked more frequently than any other and there is no easy or quick answer. The size of the commercial kitchen obviously has to be taken into consideration and the type of business operating from the commercial kitchen, with some commercial kitchens being quite basic, and others jam packed with expensive specialist catering equipment. To give an idea of the price range, we have supplied and installed some small functional commercial kitchens for under £20k, with others up to £150k in value, just for the equipment alone.

The duty and specification of the commercial catering equipment also has to be considered, with some busier kitchens requiring heavy duty equipment whilst others with less output, can manage with lighter duty equipment. It is important that this is evaluated correctly as cheaper lighter duty equipment may reduce the initial financial outlay, but if it isn’t of adequate duty; it will soon need replacing and therefore be a false economy.

Many also forget about the infrastructure fit out costs particularly when starting a kitchen from scratch in an empty shell. The infrastructure costs can be as much or more than the equipment within the kitchen. Complete turn-key installations including infrastructure and catering equipment costs can range from around £30k to £250k and more depending on the size and type of commercial kitchen.

It is important to make sure that the budget you have set aside for the kitchen is realistic for the business it services. Insufficient investment can result in the business not realising its full potential or the intended projected revenue that makes the business viable. After all, the kitchen is the engine room for the business!

In summary here are the considerations that you will shape your commercial kitchen and the cost:

  • Type of business the kitchen services
  • Catering equipment requirements
  • Menu and output/turnover
  • Duty of the catering equipment
  • Infrastructure & Refurbishment Costs
  • Budget & Financing

Our advice and expertise can help you to get the commercial kitchen that is right for your business, at a price that suits your budget. With any large outlay finance options are available to help spread the cost and help you to get the most suitable kitchen for your business.