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Commercial Kitchen Planning - Ad hoc, no substitute for proper planning

Not everyone who enters the field of commercial catering is blessed by nature with an orderly mind when it comes to the matter of planning the layout of their kitchen. This is unfortunate since the kitchen is the heart and also the powerhouse of any establishment that is s to offer hospitality to paying guests or to any type of concern that offers catering as part of its basic function, such as a hospital or school kitchen. Having a professionally designed kitchen which is efficient, safe and compliant with the all-important Health and Safety regulations can make the difference between a business surviving or flourishing, or indeed the difference between a business surviving or failing.

Chaos Reigns

Yet it is often the case that kitchens grow and develop in a way that is ad hoc and mostly improvisatory in reaction to the day to day demands of business. The layout changes as new items of equipment, o different sizes to be their predecessors are purchased and installed; changes to the regulations mean that fresh storage, preparation and assembly areas must be improvised while temperature control and ventilation difficulties are of constant and pressing concern. Through ways become cramped and inadequate and tension mounts in the kitchen while the all-important morale of the staff suffers.

Such businesses are in effect in a state of continuous unplanned micro refurbishment and this is bound to have an adverse effect on all aspects of the concern’s performance. The food and service may still remain first rate but this will be in spite of the kitchen layout and not, as should be the case, assisted by it. Many businesses limp on in this fashion for long periods of time before the strain becomes too great and the whole concerns needlessly collapses, brought down by lack of clear planning rather than any fault in service or product. The key word to note here is ‘needlessly’ since an alternative to the sort of chaos described above is close by and readily available.

Plan Ahead

The alternative is a simple and obvious one; a company of commercial kitchen designers can ensure that even the smallest of refurbishments is thoroughly pre-planned in a manner that ensures that the kitchen’s ergonomic efficiency is in no way adversely affected and that the establishment remains fully Health and Safety compliant. Professionals in the field of commercial kitchen design and refurbishment utilize the latest in IT technology to consider every implication of even the smallest change before that change has ever taken place. The customer can, in effect, take a virtual walk through his or her future kitchen before the smallest new item of equipment has even been purchased. In fact the walk through can be used as a predictive tool which enables the customer to reach the correct purchasing decision before committing any capital to the project. So it can be seen that using the services of a company of experienced commercial designers will offer advantages in many fields to any concern which supplies catering services of any kind.
posted on 06 January, 2015
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