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Using software to design and plan commercial kitchens
  • Using software to design and plan commercial kitchens

Using software to design and plan commercial kitchens

Design Commercial Kitchens with Software

Designing and planning a commercial kitchen is an important task. If you get it wrong then the kitchen that is built is not a pleasant place to work or cook in. Badly planned kitchens are full of bottle necks that prevent the process from working smoothly. People get in each other’s way, voices are raised and the temperature goes up not just in the ovens. Also a badly designed kitchen, one that does not look fit for purpose, is likely to leave all those who see it feeling dissatisfied. This would be particularly important for open restaurant kitchens, where the sight of chefs producing dishes is part of the establishment’s appeal.

Plan your kitchen

Planning a commercial kitchen used to be a matter of graph paper, tape measure and mentally converting feet into inches, or centimetres into millimetres; all that can be avoided when you use software to help. With software you can be sure that what you want to eventually install will be accurately represented on the floor plan. Kitchen design software also eliminates the eraser from the planning process. You can change the design to your heart’s content easily and quickly. Making it easier to try different alternatives makes it more likely that you will achieve the correct solution.

Software also makes the task of planning your kitchen less compartmentalised. Using the old system your plan was apart from your estimated costs – they were in fact on different sheets of paper. When you use software you can keep the prices of the commercial kitchen equipment that you want to use right alongside its place on the floor plan.

Design your kitchen

Floor plans can’t tell you how a commercial kitchen design will actually look, let alone what it will feel like to stand in. Software can solve this problem for you. CAD technology makes it possible for you to create a virtual kitchen with all the installations and appliances looking as they would in real life. You can even take a virtual stroll through this kitchen and identify any weaknesses in the design and plan. Are the ice-making appliances located conveniently? Should the chefs’ equipment be stored on the walls or on the central island? Come to think of it, might it not be better if the island itself was a foot further to the right or to the left, to give the cooks more room as they take ingredients to and from the preparation area? The floor plan couldn’t show you any of these things, but your design software can. It can also prevent those mistakes in style that are important to designers of open restaurant kitchens. You might have placed two pieces of equipment, both good in themselves, next to each other. Only in the virtual kitchen will you notice how horribly the designs mismatch. Better if you see it virtually than for your customers to comment on it as they wait for their meal.

When you use software to design and plan your commercial kitchen, any mistakes will be virtual ones that are easily corrected.     

posted on 05 July, 2013
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